berry Mix

Shop the Berry Collection featuring pink and purple knitwear from our latest range.

Light pink knitwear, purple and other pink tones create a beautiful collection of berry tones that offer a feminine, sophisticated palette to your wardrobe.

Our berry collection includes colours across the palette from light pink knitwear to deep purple knitwear in a colour we like to call ‘Morello’ – a dark cherry tone.

If you want to channel springtime during the winter, we’d recommend our light pink knitwear, but if you want to embrace the darker, colder months with a splash of berry tone, head towards the Morello, or more purple knitwear.

Shop all of our pink and purple knitwear in our berry collection with free worldwide delivery available.

Pink and purple knitwear from Maxted

If you’re looking for purple and pink knitwear, look no further. We have compiled Maxted’s best berry tones for your shopping pleasure.

Why not try the Evie Pullover in Dusty Pink? This pink knit tone has appeared in earlier collections, as has the Evie style, but this new pink knit has outsold all other colour variations before it.

Pink and purple knitwear pair so well with blue jeans and lighter coloured trousers so they can help brighten up the darker, colder months.

In our berry collection, we have also included some of our trans-seasonal pieces which are great if you live somewhere like QLD as it gives you the option to layer your style, for when it’s a bit cooler, but not as cold as down here in Victoria.