Most commonly asked questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our knitwear, collections, and general brand information. If you have further questions, please get in touch

How do I return or exchange my knitwear?

We offer free shipping and returns on full priced knitwear. You can find more information about our deliveries on our Returns and Exchanges page.

Do you have any stores that stock Maxted, where I can try on items in person?

It can be tricky to buy an item online, especially an investment piece. We do offer free shipping and free returns on all full priced items, so we’d like to you feel reassured that if something doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to help you exchange or return it.
We do have stockists across Australia and beyond. To check where your closest stockist is, visit our Stockists page.

Where do you source your yarn?

We work with one factory, that Caroline has had a long relationship with (over 10 years) and we work together to source the yarn in the most ethical way possible.  It's important that we support Australian Farmers so part of our collection is knitted with 100% Australian Merino, which is from Victoria. 

An item I like it out of stock, will it come back in again?

To ensure a high level of sustainability and reduce waste we do not mass produce our items, therefore, once they’re sold they are unlikely to return. There are some pieces that appear in the next season, if they have been popular with customers, but no sold out items will be restocked in the same year. If there’s something you like, make sure to buy it now, so you don’t miss out.

Do you have any available discount codes?

We do occasionally offer promotional discounts. If you’re a new customer, we recommend signing up to our newsletter, as you will receive an email for a new customer offer. If you remain on our mailing list you will also receive alerts about our sales, before they’re available to the general public and you’ll receive the latest offers, codes and VIP access.


What size should I order?

Caroline always likes to design generously, so a lot of our products are either true to size, or oversized to style.

We have a Sizing page for more information.

Is Maxted knitwear true to size?

Yes, we are very precise about our sizes and feedback from customers is that our products are true to size, if a little generous.

We have a Sizing page for more information.

What if I want a larger size?

At Maxted, we appreciate all shapes and sizes and would love to be able to cater for a larger range of clothing sizes. We are a small self-funded brand and don't currently have the ability to do so, but have ambitions for the future. 

In the meantime, a lot of our products are generous and over-sized. We have had customers get in touch and provide their bust measurements and in so doing we have been able to recommend products that fit and look great. So, it's always worth a try! Please feel free to ask. 


What is Maxted knitwear made of?

We use a wide range of yarns, to suit all the different climates across Australia. From Cotton to Merino wool, the yarn used to knit your jumper is carefully considered. 

What kind of yarns do you use?

We use all different weights and textures to create chunky heavy knits, pices with amazing cable details, to fine gauge knits used to create our polo necks and t- shirt styles. 

Are your products vegan?

Wool, cashmere and silk are not vegan materials, so any items made of these materials will not be vegan. We do have some products that are not produced with these materials and those products will be vegan. If you’d like help sourcing vegan products on our website, get in touch.


Where is your collection manufactured?

We manufacture in China, with one family-owned company. We have a long term relationship with them and are very grateful for their support. 

Where is Maxted’s Merino Wool sourced from?

We source our Merino wool from Endeavor Wool Export, based in Victoria. We have more information on the farm, available here.

Knitwear care

Can I wash Maxted knitwear in a washing machine?

We would strongly advise against this. Some of our lighter knitwear, like those that are majority cotton, are suitable for a light wash in a machine, but our heavier knits must be handwashed. Check out this video we created here on how best to wash and care for your knitwear.

How can I keep my knitwear looking great for longer?

Taking care of your knitwear will ensure they stay in great condition for longer. This includes drying knitwear flat and storing on shelves, not hangers. Check out this video we created here on how best to wash and care for your knitwear.

How long should my knitwear last for?

That depends on how often you wear it, your lifestyle, how you wash it, and how often - so it’s a bit impossible to say. We design our knitwear to last, so as long as you look after it and follow our care instructions, it should last for years.

How should I dry my knitwear?

We always recommend drying knitwear in the shade and flat on a drying rack. If your knit is saturated, we suggest rolling it up in a towel to absorb the excess moisture. Check out this video we created here , which includes instructions on how best to wash and care for your knitwear.

How should I store my knitwear?

Heavy knitwear should always be folded and stored on a flat surface. Lighter knitwear or sleeveless knitwear can be hung with caution. We have some information and advice on organising your wardrobe here.

Help! My knitwear is pilling and has bobbles, what can I do?

At Maxted, we know how annoying it is that your favourite jumper might pill, so we keep this in mind when designing our collections and ensure every measure is taken to prevent pilling. But, despite our best efforts, sometimes pilling will happen. We have information in this blog post about pilling, to help you understand more about it and safe methods available for de-pilling, or de-bobbling your knitwear.