Our Factory

 How and where our collections are made is incredibly important to us. We value the quality and longevity of Maxted pieces but we also value the health, safety and welfare of the team that help us create our collections.
We believe that transparency and openness as a brand helps build loyalty and trust with our customers, so we wanted to show you where and how Maxted products are made so you can rest assured you're buying quality products made in an ethical factory.



Popular Questions

Where is the Factory?

Beijing, China

Why do you Produce in China? 

Maxted's creator Caroline built a relationship with our knitwear suppliers over 8 years ago. They're a family run business and Caroline visits frequently (until Covid!) When Maxted's first designs where created she contacted Penny and together they worked on the collection and supported one another. Penny is supportive of Maxted's brand and business growth and together we have a strong partnership.

Maxted works exclusively with Penny's company which means we maintain a high level of transparency, pricing and volumes which reflect a fair working relationship for both parties. 

Would you ever produce in Australia? 

Never say never! We simply haven't had the opportunity yet! Our designs often feature lots of cables and chunky stitches, which Penny's factory specialises in. Australian local knitters tend to specialise in more finer gauges.  

This year we have sourced Australian Merino and are working with the Australian Wool innovation.

Every year we grow in a new way! 

How do you know the factory is a fair place to work? 

We request audits of the factories that create our collections through a 3rd party. These audits give an overall rating of the factory, ranked A- E.

We receive the reports of the audits so we can feel confident that the teams working on our collections are treated well and paid fairly for the incredible work they do.

What information do you get from the audit? 

13 areas of performance affect the factory's final audit score with ratings A through to E. This year we had 10 x A's, 2 x B's and 1 xD. Sadly the D let the factory down and is an area of improvement. This D was for excess over-time from 16 employees that work in their sample room. According to the report they worked in excess of 36 hours+ over time per month. 

This meant the factory had an overall rating of C and will need to work with the 3rd party auditor to show improvements and a correction plan in this area of performance. 

Please note this is audit is dated 21/10/2020, just before our production for AW21 started. 

Are you worried about Child Labour?

We can confirm from our latest audit report that the youngest member of staff is 19 years old.

How many Employees does the factory have? 

144 ( 63 female and 81 Male ) 

Have anymore questions you would like answered and added to the list? 

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Knitting machines
Linking the seams together 
Checking for any holes or faults using the 3d light
Needle detector that check for any broken needles in the garments