Australian Merino

At Maxted, we’re proud to support local Australian farmers and we source our Australian Merino wool from Hamilton, Victoria. You can read more about the farm here.

Our 100% Australian Merino wool clothing collection is our premium luxury range. We have selected the finest quality of merino yarn to create stunning, timeless pieces that will keep you warm through the colder months.

We love seeing our customers invest in a piece of Australian Merino knitwear that they will wear for decades. A piece that’s special and goes beyond what’s trending this season.

Australian Merino Knitwear from Maxted

At Maxted, sustainability is key to a lot of the design and manufacturing decisions we make so sourcing a Victorian farm for our Australian Merino clothing collection was very important to us.

Maxted’s CEO Caroline has been able to visit the farm and ‘meet’ the sheep and the farmer. This direct experience and hands-on engagement has reassured Caroline about the quality of the wool, the treatment of the sheep and the sustainability of the materials for the Australian Merino collection.

We hope you love this 100% Australian Merino Wool knitwear as much as we do as it’s a collection we’re incredibly proud of.

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