Global Trotting


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There have been some large changes at Maxted - emotionally, and for the business. We're moving back to the UK (for now) and Maxted is growing from a much-loved brand on the Surf Coast of Victoria, to a global brand.

We're excited to take the plunge in the UK and, of course, spend some time with family after leaving the UK 12 years ago.

We head back feeling like foreigners, ready, and passionate to expand Maxted into other regions.

Maxted knitwear flatlay

Since Maxted’s first collection, in 2018, we have been stocked across Australia. Now sold in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

A couple of years ago we got the opportunity to expand into Zealand (perfect for knits!) and the reception and feedback was encouragingly positive.

Now it's time to take on the Northern Hemisphere!

green knitwear stacked on a bed

We're excited to hit the ground running.

Our goal is to find new partnerships with trusted warehouses, agents for new regions, and stockists to build close relationships with.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

2024 knitwear hanging

Effortless and Essential Knitwear

What does that mean for you - our loyal customers? Not much will change, in terms of how you browse and shop from Maxted. Our warehouse, just outside of Melbourne, will continue to receive and ship your orders in the same time frame you've come to expect. As always, we will continue to prioritise customer service as a chance to connect with you and ensure the best outcome in every situation.

Knitwear design planning

The love and connection to the Surf Coast will not change, despite us not being physically there, for now.

We look forward to the new opportunities and places we can take Maxted.

Different knitwear textures and materials