Welcome to Maxted’s Womens’ Cardigan collection, a range of some of our most versatile and transseasonal pieces. We believe that a cardigan is more than just a garment; it is an expression of individuality and a statement of taste.

Our designer, Caroline, takes pride in creating exceptional knitwear pieces that effortlessly combine fashion and functionality. We invite you to explore our stunning cardigan collection, where comfort meets sophistication, and style knows no boundaries.

Shop all of our cardigan collection with free worldwide delivery available.

Cardigans for Women from Maxted

From luxurious merino wool to sumptuous cashmere blends, we spare no effort in selecting the finest fibers that provide exceptional softness, durability, and insulation. These superior materials not only ensure unparalleled comfort but also offer timeless elegance that transcends seasons.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainable fashion practices and strive to minimise our ecological footprint by utilising eco-friendly production processes and partnering with ethical suppliers. When you select a Maxted cardigan, you’re not only embracing timeless taste but contributing to a greener future.

If you’re looking for a bestseller, our Breton Stripe Chloe Cardigan has been a big favourite this season.

Embrace the warmth and sophistication of our cardigan collection, expertly designed in the heart of Victoria, Australia. Discover our perfect blend of versatility, style, and incredible detail. With worldwide delivery available, our iconic womens cardigans are waiting to become a cherished addition to your wardrobe.