Great Ocean Road Getaway at the Famous Pole House


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One of our favourite things to do, no matter the weather, is head down the GOR (Great Ocean Road). One thing that I have wanted to do since the very first time I travelled the coast line, is to stay at a house we saw that appears to float above the landscape, opposite Fairhaven beach.  

Known as the most photographed house on the GOR, it's suspended 40m above the beach and is aptly called, The Pole House. 

Ed and I had a night without the kids and treated ourselves to a stay like no other.

standing on a house that appears to float above the ocean

Suspended 40 meters above the ground, this luxury accommodation's views do not disappoint. Of course, it rained, but we were able to wear our Maxted raincoats

walking from a house suspended above the ocean

Inside one of the room's we popped the fire on, watched movies, and watched the day turn to night. In the morning, we were greeted by wildlife and ensured we stayed in bed eating croissants. This does not happen often! This was a very rare occurrence, for hubby and I, which makes it even more special. 

Inside view of the pole house from the great ocean road

Image source

A Magpie perched on a house that is suspended over the ocean

I find the coastline and it's nautical ambience provides such inspiration that I often include in Maxted designs. It's woven in in our knitwear, like handwriting. 

Close up of Australian knitwear

Ivory cables, navy ribs, Breton stripes, oats and blues all give off a coastal vibe. When paired with a Maxted raincoat, you are set for travelling the Great Ocean Road through out winter.