Our Favourite Grey Knitwear


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This season, grey is making a comeback in a not-so-dull way. After taking a hiatus or playing a subtle role in our wardrobes, it's time for this colour to shine once more.

Recently, Kim Kardashian made a statement with her grey ensemble at the Met Gala, featuring a cropped knit from Maison Margiela by John Galliano. This look sparked controversy, typical of Kim and John Galliano. Similar styles were showcased at Maison Margiela's spring 2024 'Artisanal' couture collection. Kim humorously described her outfit as throwing on her boyfriend's sweater in a rush and heading to work with messy hair.

While it may not have aligned with this year's Met Gala dress code theme, 'The Garden of Time,' a grey sweater remains a timeless favourite.

Kim Kardashian in a grey sweater

That being said, well before her dress, the trend of grey had already resurfaced.

Here our some of our key reference images: 

grey knitwear on the catwalk

This AW23 Prada look blends basics and occasional wear and evokes the simplicity of Prada in the '90s with a grey knit.

"This exchange, between the notion of the everyday and occasion wear, the familiar and the exceptional, gives a different importance to both,"

grey hooded sweatshirt on the catwalk

The Mui Mui Winter/Fall '23 collection used a grey hooded sweatshirt to exude a sporty vibe that appears to be more suited to modern-day living.

Grey knitwear dress on Sacai catwalk

Sacai's AW23 ready-to-wear collection challenges traditional expectations. The aesthetics of their grey tones are unconventional and include mixtures of elements, stripped and recombined, to blur the usual boundaries between day and night.

Surprisingly, this unconventional approach proves successful. In particular, the Grey piece with a side split has a strong influence in Maxted's latest collection.

Sienna Miller in grey knitwear

What is a mood board without Sienna Miller in the latest trend? This time she's wearing oversized grey knitwear

oversized grey sweater and white jeans

This is a classic Pinterest look. White to grey tonal shades talk volume and style. 

Venus Williams in a grey knit sweater

Off the court look Venus Williams makes a statement with this oversized LV grey cardigan. 

oversized grey knitwear on the catwalk

Reaffirming that it's so much more than a pullover, the grey cardigan can also be a hero piece. This example from LOEWE creates a head-to-toe tonal look with a grey draped cardigan coat (a coatigan).

grey knitwear on Goddard catwalk

For Molly Goddard, AW23 was all about stripping things back—right back to basics—to focus on her brand's core ethos. 

grey knitwear from Miu Miu

Miu Miu's button down cardigan was featured across their collection, and decision to include a grey variation sat perfectly with styling over the sheer polka dot skirt. Inspired by the nostalgic 90s fashion.

Grey knitwear is a significant trend this season. And, what's even better about grey knitwear is its timelessness. A few capsule pieces featuring grey knits in your collection and you can wear them for years to come.

Check out Maxted's collection for our catwalk-inspired grey knits