How to elevate your outfits


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While a well-curated wardrobe is undoubtedly helpful, it's often statement pieces that truly elevate an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. We wanted to highlight some bold, eye-catching items, inspired by celebrity styles that have  transformed a look. They've added a touch of glamour, confidence, and individuality.

Here are five statement pieces that can inspire your own fashion journey and bring your outfits to life.

1) Show your ankles! Loafers, slides and kitten heals. Take any outfit to the next level. No socks!

2) Add a gold hoop statement earrings.

3) Layer with Duster Coats

4) Sunglasses are a must!

5) A small hand bag, don't overload.

selena gomez in slip on mules


Selena Gomez's fashion choices have always been on point, and this choice to pair leather slide mules is no exception. These statement shoes have effortlessly elevated her outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and chicness to her overall look.

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Alexa Chung wears a gold hoop earring


Alexa Chung has taken her outfit to new heights with the addition of gold statement hoops. You can see how these eye-catching earrings have transformed her ensemble from a dressed down, somewhat beige choice, adding sophistication and a style unique to Alexa.

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Sienna Miller wears a duster coat


Sienna Miller has been schooling us all on fashion for almost twenty years. Here she shows us the transformative power of a duster coat. A duster coat, known for its lightweight, longline silhouette, has become one of Sienna's go-to statement pieces. 

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hailey bieber wearing sunglasses
Hailey Bieber is rarely seen out in public without her shades. She effortlessly enhances her outfits with the perfect pair of sunglasses, elevating her looks an array of styles, from oversized frames to sleek cat-eye designs. The sunnies are a nod to nonchalance on a carefully curated ensemble.
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katie holmes carrying a small handbag
Aside from the gold statement earrings, Ms Holmes seems to have hit 4/5 of the statement pieces from our blog post, dedicated to elevating. She also personifies number 5 - the small handbag. 
This compact accessory can streamline your look, keep your essentials organized, and elevate your style with its charming presence.
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