Maxted Unisex lightweight waterproof Raincoats


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While I specialise in knitwear design, I am also a British designer, so I wanted to include a raincoat in the Maxted collection. Let's face it, what's more English than a cable knit jumper with a raincoat. 

unisex rolled up raincoats in green and blue

Maxted raincoats come in Bright Navy and Hunter Green and are perfect for a weekend away. They pack down, they're lightweight and they don't take up much room in your weekend bag. 

a khaki coloured unisex raincoat

We like to brag that our raincoats are a staple and can be used 365 days of the year, especially if you live in Victoria! They're perfect for exploring. This picture above, is how I often wear mine, back with my Merry people boots, Gorman socks, AS Colour striped T-Shirt, and Assembly Label jeans or shorts. 

a model wearing a navy unisex raincoat

I'm so proud of this design; it's so functional and a style I've continued through many Maxted seasons.

The seams are heat welded together which means no punctured holes for stitches, ensuring a waterproof finish. The storm flat on the back of the jacket ensures rain flies off the shoulders and does not run down the back. Neatly hidden air vents ensure the raincoat is breathable and comfortable to wear. 

A man and woman wearing matching unisex raincoats

Another great thing about the Maxted raincoat is it's Unisex. The picture above is Ed (my husband) and I wearing our coats while walking our dog in Apollo bay, years ago. We still use these raincoats today.

They are machine washable, which is essential for us with our busy lives and love of greasy fish and chips after a beach walk. So, our raincoats still look great, after all these years.

A dad plays with his child while wearing a navy unisize raincoat

Anyone that has a child knows that going to the park all year round is a must. Above is a picture of Al from Al and Imo wearing our Bright Navy Raincoat with his daughter Goldie. With our raincoat you're protected from the rain, but it's lightweight and fuss-free which makes it ideal for an exhausting run-about-after-kids kind of day.

a model in a navy unisex raincoat

Our Bright Navy Raincoat looks great styled back with a sage green and mid-to-light denim. 

a couple wearing matching khaki unisex raincoats

Raincoats always feel a little romantic to me - something about kissing in the rain, maybe. I love LOVE!