Maxted's Inspiring Women series: 1 - Leslie Carvitto


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We have said goodbye, so long, get out! to 2020 and alongside the start of the fresh new year we have launched Maxted's Inspiring Women campaign
2020 was a tough year for many, but especially for women, so many of whom lost businesses, jobs and struggled with mental health challenges as schools and daycares were closed and women were primarily expected to take up the parental mantle. 
Throughout 2021 we will celebrate a woman/or women that inspire us. As a woman-owned and women-run business (including working mums) we want to show our support and celebrate some incredible women who inspire us with their entrepreneurship, ambition, spirit, activism, tenacity or encouragement of others.
To start off with a bang our first feature in our series of Inspiring Women is professional photographer Leslie Carvitto. Leslie was born in California, but is now based on the Surf Coast, in Torquay. She's a free-spirit driven by coffee, books and surfing.
What makes Leslie a Maxted Inspiring Woman?
Leslie's photography is stunning, with a focus on natural light and organic environments, but unique to Leslie's work is her desire to uphold and empower women. She promotes herself as a photographer for female business owners and conscious creatives - using her gift to communicate women's stories and support their passions and dreams.
As a female-run small business, tenacious women who use their strengths and position to lift-up other women and support their businesses is incredibly inspiring to us. When we support each other incredible things can happen - empowered women empower women!
This makes Leslie a Maxted Inspiring Woman - an entrepreneur raising up other women and supporting our community while kicking ass in her own field.
Leslie also donates a portion of the proceeds from her print sales to the Australia Marine Conservation Society who work to protect endangered ocean wildlife, create marine national parks and sustainable fisheries.
You can view Leslie's website for more information on her photography.
Leslie & Maxted
Leslie completed a project with Maxted to photograph some of her favourite pieces from our new collection. Here she is in our Fine Gauge Crew in navy bretton stripe. We will post more images from the project throughout the month to our Instagram and Facebook.
Leslie Carvitto in Maxted
And below, she photographed our unisex, packable raincoat in hunter green on a model (Bryan) she sourced for the project. 
Man in Maxted Raincoat
We had a chat with Leslie to find out a bit more about what makes her exceptional and what inspires her:
Maxted: Tell us what you love most about your job and the clients you get to work with
LeslieOne of my favourite aspects of being a photographer is getting behind the scenes access to women’s lives and business. ⁣Through the photoshoot process, I get to learn about their strongest passions, their visions and even acquire some of their knowledge. ⁣

One day I might get to step into the shoes of an art therapist and learn how she uses creativity to access mindfulness and awareness. ⁣Another day I might learn how a jeweller goes from the design process to wax carving a gorgeous, one of a kind, 18ct gold ring. ⁣And the next week I’ll photograph a naturopath and learn about the body and alternative medicine.

⁣For an hour or two, I get to leave my world and immerse myself in someone else's. I get to be curious and nurture my beginner's mindset. ⁣The amount of talent and passion women have for their business keeps me inspired.

Maxted: Did you enjoy working on a project with Maxted and what were your favourite pieces?
LeslieI loved working with Maxted to capture fresh imagery for their new line. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I loved the Fine Gauge crew (it’s a classic cut and the navy stripe gives it a chic nautical feel), and the black recycled pullover. I really like how Maxted partnered with company REPREVE to turn recycled plastic bottles into yarn. The fashion industry has started to shift towards being more mindful of the environmental impacts it creates, so any steps to create more ethically while using recycled materials is a win.
Maxted: You love books, what's your favourite/some of your favourites?
Leslie:Too many to name! I’m a big fan of books that focus on personal development and creativity. A few of my favourites from that category include; Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (really anything written by Brene Brown) When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Creative books I love include Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and Choose Wonder over Worry by Amber Rae.
Maxted: Who are your inspiring women?
LeslieI’m inspired by women who are running heart-centred businesses with the end goal of creating a better and more beautiful world. I’m inspired by women who speak up for others who might not have a voice or platform to be heard. I’m inspired by women who continually choose to act with courage and kindness. I’m inspired by women who get back up every time they’ve been pushed down by a challenge. And I’m inspired by women who aren’t afraid to speak their truth and show up in the world with their walls down and their heart open.
We'd like to thank Leslie for taking the time to work on this project with us and for all of her support. 
Stay tuned throughout 2021 for more in our Inspiring Women series.
Leslie Carvitto in Maxted