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At Maxted we live and breathe knitwear. It is our passion and our inspiration for our aw19 collection comes from the undertones of London's streets in the 1960s; rich in music, culture and style. You can see a similar theme running through some of our favourite celebrity styles, so here are some of our knitwear icons.

Sienna Miller:

With her tousled hair, centre parting and often big bangs, Sienna just radiates 60s style.  

"She loves to compliment her laid-back ensembles with fuss-free hairstyles such as halo braids and flowing, tousled waves." (source)

Sienna always packs "...a big jumper, a couple of T-shirts, a couple of pairs of jeans, a dress and some heels.” (source)

Audrey Hepburn:

Where Sienna brings a laid-back, boho influence to her style, Audrey goes the other direction; her style was elegant, timeless and structured, featuring her signature cropped trousers, black roll necks, ballet pumps and over-sized sunglasses. The continued popularity of her style is a reminder of just how timeless her influence was.

Brigitte Bardot:

She might just be the original 'Sienna Miller'! You can see from looking at pictures of the two, just how similar their styles are and we can't help but assume that Miller must take some of her style inspiration from the stunning French bombshell; Bardot.

Bardot is famous for her looks in bikinis, floppy hats, short hemlines and voluminous bouffant hair.

Her signature look almost defines the 60s and she was once described as the most beautiful woman in the world. Her 60s style had a sense of ease paired with her effortless and unperfected hair.

Alexa Chung:

When you're such a style icon that Mulberry names a bag after you, you know you're a muse. Alexa Chung is one of fashion's most influential style icons. Like Sienna Miller, her tousled hair and bangs are instantly recognisable and nod back to influences from the 60s.

One of the reasons we love Alexa's style and how she resonates with our collection is her advocacy for wardrobe staples and timeless pieces:

“I think it’s about having enough staple items to act as the pillars or the architecture for the house you’re building" (source).

Alexa Chung knitwear icon

Kate Moss:

Another tousled-hair style icon hailed as one of the founders of the boho aesthetic (source). Whether she's trudging through Glastonbury mud in knee-high gumboots (wellies) or unabashedly donning a sheer slip dress, Moss has an unmistakable and almost unimitable style.

Kate Moss knitwear icon

Copy their style with some of our aw favourites.

Chunky knit pink jumper Cable 1 jumper in grey Black roll neck