The design that started it all


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The Soft Touch Cable Pullover, why is it so special to me? Well, it's because it is where Maxted's journey started. It's driven me and my business a long way!

I had the style in my head for some years and I knew it was the perfect style to start my brand with - I wouldn't share this one with anyone. This one was for Maxted and it existed before my brand even had a name!

The shape, the cable and the styling are my signature; combined they're quintessential 'Maxted'.  As one of my favourites, it's not going anywhere. This style will transcend seasons and be loved by all family members. 

Pictured back in 2018 @beckjstevens was wearing one of the first variations of the Soft Touch Cable Pullover. It was 30% Cotton, 30% Wool, 20% Nylon, 20% Acrylic and only available in 1 colour.

Cable designs Maxted Clothing

Then we launched Charcoal and Oat and later in the season, once I was sure the style was selling well we launched a soft pink.

 Pale Grey Cable pullover

In Maxted's second season (2019) we released Light Grey and Khaki versions and the cable pattern was repurposed for a new cardigan & beanie. I name this cable the Maxted Cable pattern. 

Cable Cardigan and Cable Beanie

In 2020's season I almost didn't put my the cable style into the range. We were just about to send the order and the factory mentioned they had some spare yarn. So, as a last-minute decision, my favourite cable was added back to the range! 

Red cable flat lay

In Season 2021 I changed yarns to 60% Cotton 30% Wool 10% Nylon and increased the gauge of the knit which made a chunkier knit. 

mustard cable pullover and a cup of tea

That year we also tested a 100% Australian Merino range. The style was more than double the price of the standard range but I wanted to offer a luxury quality range supporting Australian farmers. Of course, the first style I selected for the new high-end range was the Soft Touch Cable Pullover. In the Merino collection it was a statement piece. 

Australian Merino Khaki Cable pullover

This year we will again see the pullover in both 100% Merino and the cotton blend. The Maxted range would feel lost without it, and every time we sell out we quickly receive requests to restock.

The Soft Touch Cable Pullover is timeless. 

The shape is contemporary but the cable has a nod to heritage style and traditional knitwear. It is available in XS/S and M/L to create an oversized style with a cape feel. 

This season you can shop the cotton blend in a celebration of colours, but it's got me thinking about what we should create for next year! 

 bright cables