Transeasonal Clothing and why we love it!


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What is Transeasonal Clothing?

Transeasonal clothing are items from your wardrobe that are so versatile they can be worn across the seasons. They won't leave you freezing in the winter and sweating through the summer.

This versatility means we love a transeasonal wardrobe because you can shop less and wear your clothes for longer; it's more sustainable. 

At Maxted we value sustainability and quality, clothes that can be worn frequently, for years. Your favourite go-to pieces. So a transeasonal collection very much speaks to our brand values. 

For our latest transeasonal collection we have worked with a cool hand-feel and light yarns to prevent over-heating in the warmer months but they can be easily layered during cooler months to keep you warm. 

Here are 5 styles that you can wear through out the seasons; ie, they're suitable all year round.  

5 Transeasonal Styles:

Transeasonal clothing is a fashion trend of its own now, but what is it? We're going to delve into transeasonal clothing, how to shop for you and how you can embrace this fashion trend.

1) The Transeasonal Button-down cardigan

A button cardigan works all year round. Check out below how it can be styled in different months.  

Autumn styles can be layered with a tank, pants and slides for an every-day look. We are also a fan of the head-to-toe knit dress; a great new take on the twin- set and pearls that our grandmas all knew well.

You can remove the tank for a date night or to create a dressier look, use your fine jewellery to stand out. 

Winter means layer up! By using a fine gauge roll neck or turtle neck you can create a knit-on-knit look that doesn't need to be 'matchy matchy'. Contrast with a white or pale oat colour to provide a 'clean' look.

We will be dropping our Fine Gauge Roll necks soon, so stay tuned for these classics.

Spring has a mid-blue denim look that you can layer with a T-shirt, buttoned up and tucked in, or like Kaia Gerber (above in purple), almost like a shirt paired with a cute neck tie and converse. 

Summer is when the button-down cardigan becomes almost like your jacket. Layer it over all of your summer outfits, grab and go! It looks great tucked in to denim shorts, but also looks good worn open with a work out outfit adding more texture. 

This week we have launched our Chloe Cardigan in Oat Twist, for all your Button down cardigan needs. A picture below.

Oat Button down cardigan from Maxted

The Chloe Cardigan in classic Oat Twist is knitted with a cotton blend, so it's versatile enough to be worn all year round.

The Chloe cardigan also comes in stripe colour options that are great if you want to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe.

To see more images of Chloe and the colours available please visit our website here!

2) The Transeasonal Oversized Pullover

A staple in any wardrobe (whatever gender, or age) is an oversized pullover, and here is how you can make the most of it all year round.  

Autumn looks work well with an oversized pullover. Back with denim for casual weekends, or head-to-toe colour block for a more put-together look. Contrast textures with a silky skirt and a chunky boot - you can't go wrong.

Winter is when you can add a shirt underneath and throw a jacket on top. When all the textures and layers work together you know you've nailed it.

Spring is when you can work with lighter tones and pale blues. Contrast textures like a silk skirt, but this time with tonal colours to look fresh. Add a pullover over your shoulders - it's an easy way to upgrade from an average look to something special.

Summer is when bigger is better! Over dresses, shorts or beach wear; loosely fitting pullovers won't overheat you on those breezy days when you need an extra layer.  

This week we have launched the Seven Waffle Pullover in Sage. The Seven Waffle is also available in a range of our colours online.

This pullover is a best seller and the waffle is a brand new texture in the range, so be sure to get in quick as we expect it to sell out fast!

3) The Transeasonal Breton Stripe Pullover

A true knitwear classic that has been around since 1958, the Breton stripe was part of the French Navy's uniform. 

The original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon Bonaparte's victories.

Today it's one of our favourite knitwear staples. Not only is it transeasonal, but it never seems to go out of style. 


 Autumn is a time when you can pair a Breton stripe with a cream, loose-fitting pant, maybe denim, cargo or more of a dressier fabric. This look works well with a classic black and white converse- some of our favourites. 

Winter is where Celine set the tone for us in their recent Autumn Winter runway. The pullover looks great with a cropped traditional pea coat, head band, tailored pants and chunky boots. This feels like a very traditional look that's easily updated for a more contemporary feel. 

Spring time - tuck the pullover in to white/cream denim or mid blue. Add textured accessories such as a straw bag. We also love slip on Birkenstocks paired with Breton stripes; a great addition to a transeasonal wardrobe. 

Summer is when you can tuck this pullover into mid length shorts for a bit of a nautical feel or wear it with light linen pants. You can mix and match with all your white and navy wardrobe classic staples. 

Our Breton Stripe Pullover is cotton rich and called the Bell Pullover, featuring a classic rib stitch with a raglan sleeve. 

Maxted's transeasonal breton stripe pullover

4) The Transeasonal Knit Shirt

Number 4 on our list of transeasonal must-have's is the knit shirt. The knit shirt  has been bubbling around for a while and we have seen different versions on the runway in recent Autumn Winter shows. 


Autumn has some great layering options, with a rib tank underneath or a dress version like Isobel Marent's featuring a denim shirt sub-layer. Layer up with an over sized light-coloured blazer. 

Winter the fine gauge roll neck/turtle neck comes into play again, layered underneath. While on the runway both Sandro and Prada have styled theirs with a bright pop of colour. Sandro layers a long line classic duster coat for their look which also works nicely with the proportions. 

Spring - pair with lighter pants, whether denim or tailored fabrications. A light blue denim looks great in cargo shape and for a more tailored look. This styling is ideal for the office or lunch with friends and it works nicely when tucked in with a belt. Add jewellery details and create flattering proportions

Summer - a knit shirt looks great with loosely fitting pants. If you don't have a matching knit pant a linen pant works just as well. Or tuck in to a light denim and add a mule shoe.

Our Emma knit shirt is light weight and super soft - it's available in Toast (below), Oatmeal and Black. Please visit the website for more details. 

Maxted's transeasonal knit shirt


5) The Transeasonal Cropped Pullover

Our cropped Pullover comes with a bit of a disclaimer:

When we say 'cropped' we mean tucked in. This still keeps the length of the pullover short., but we are not 16 anymore and need something workable for all ages! 


Autumn you can tuck in your pullover or half tuck into mid to high waisted pants. We also love this pullover styled with shorts and a blazer, the boots are doing all the talking so this is a time when you want to keep the pullover understated and simple, so best left untucked.

Winter - a cropped pullover looks great with a darker pant and helps show off shapely body proportions during a season when we're normally covered up. 

Spring leans to a more refined look. Tailoring and neutral hues work really nicely; ideal for a casual office. 

Summer is a time to get those legs out! A cropped or tucked pullover looks great with a mini skirt. If that's not for you, go for a light weight, wide pant and wear the pullover over your shoulders so it's there when you need it later in the evening. 

This is our Eight Pullover, available to shop online in colours: Navy/Blue stripe, Latte and Sage for all your tonal outfitting needs. Below is our best selling colour Sage. Check out Eight pullover here.