What Colour Cardigan goes with Everything?


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Cardigans— we love them! They're versatile due to their ease of layering, come in a variety of styles, range of materials, and adapt for your occasion. They can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for both casual and formal settings.

If you're in the market for a new cardigan, and you're not sure which to go for—a colour cardigan that goes with everything, there is so much choice, how do you know which to choose?

Well, if you're uncertain about which colour cardigan to add to your wardrobe, fear not, we've got you covered.

In transitional weather, a cardigan serves as your essential third piece, acting as a substitute for a jacket. 

As winter approaches, the cardigan becomes a layering piece for under your outerwear the heavy lifter keeping the warmth in. We recommend selecting a neutral, and allowing the stitch and texture to make a statement while keeping the colour classic.

Colours we recommend:

  • Grey
  • Ivory
  • Camel 
Let's jump in to some of our cardigans as they're great examples of cardigans that work perfectly for a capsule wardrobe.
 An ivory cable cardigan

An Ivory Cable Cardigan

Ivory Cable Cardigan $189.00

A button-down Grandpa-style cable cardigan can be worn open or closed. Elevate your knitwear style with this hero piece. The Ivory colour and textured cable pattern create one of our favourite looks. This style offers an oversized and generous fit.

@stephaniekatharine_ 📸 

A camel coloured button up cardigan

A Camel Button-down Cardigan

Camel Elise Cardigan $179.00

This button-down cardigan features tortoiseshell buttons and has the most beautiful stitch detail. It's a light-mid weight cardigan perfect for layering or wearing on its own as a top. It looks great tucked in. 

A grey button up cardigan

A Grey Button-down Cardigan

Silver Birch Katy Cardigan $189

The sophisticated mohair texture is luxurious and exceptionally soft, ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.The button-down cardigan is definitely a staple item, ideal for a capsule wardrobe

@brogankate 📸