Easy-pack, light weight, unisex raincoats... 5 occasions a raincoat makes sense


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Maxted's owner and lead Designer, Caroline, is no stranger to four seasons in one day. Born and raised in the UK and having lived for 7 years in Melbourne, Caroline is a rainy-days pro. So, it wasn't just hours of design that went into the creation of Maxted's Raincoats, it was also years of experience.
Maxted's Raincoats are versatile; packable, light weight and unisex. They're unique and recognisable and perfect for changeable days to carry with you and throw on when you need.
But practical doesn't mean boring. A Maxted Raincoat is a diverse piece that can be worn in many ways, so here are 5 examples of how and when to wear our Raincoat.
1) Farmers Market 
here we have paired our Hunter Green Raincoat, AS colour striped t-shirt, Vintage Black Overalls, Converse black Chuck Taylor All Stars and a Pali basket
Hot tip - we love Pali Baskets, they're woven from a combination of new, reused and recycled colourful pallet strapping in Myanmar. It looks great with a Maxted Raincoat.
How to wear a Maxted raincoat 1

2) Camper/ Explorer 
Here we have the Maxted Hunter Green Raincoat, AS colour striped t-shirt, Assembly Label mid blue shorts, Merry People gum boots, Gorman colourful spotty socks. When travelling we don't leave without our Nikon camera & Hydro flask.
How to wear a Maxted raincoat 2

3) Coast Adventure 
We have shaken it up and gone from hunter to navy. Here's our Raincoat in navy with a vintage Levi denim skirt, Birkenstocks, Maxted Fine Gauge Stripe in Navy (landing soon), Pink AS colour t-Shirt, Keep Cup from Not A Pony and Miu Miu sunnies.

How to wear a Maxted raincoat 3

4) Weekend Runabout/ Mum on the go
Practical and ready to go here's our Hunter Green Raincoat, Maxted Grey Henley (coming soon), Black skinny jeans, Patagonia down vest and Nike white sneakers
How to wear a Maxted raincoat 4

5) Weekend Away
Quickly pack your Bright Navy Raincoat in a bag and escape the city with this easy look featuring Assembly label mid blue jeans, RM Williams black Adelaide boots, Prada sunnies and Maxted Seven Pebble pullover (restocked in March)
How to wear a Maxted raincoat 5