AW23 Knitwear Trends


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While researching knitwear trends for our newest collection I created a AW23 Trend board. I like to stay on top of the latest trends from the catwalk & street style from European and American markets.This has to be one of my favourite parts of being a fashion designer.
It's the start of my design process, where I find a lot of joy is sparked and where I draw my inspiration from.
Much like my previous collections, the design influences for 2023's collection are mostly inspired by the European market, especially favorites like Isabel Marant, Burberry, Sandro, and Celine.
The new colours feel fresh and I’m so excited about the use of blue across the collection.
Stripes play an important role in collections from brands like Celine, Miu Miu and Red Valentino which helped navigate us.

Key Trends for AW23 knitwear trends are in the following categories: 

  • Future Classics
  • Breton Stripe
  • Sports Details
  • Blue and Green
  • Camel
  • Mohair
  • English Heritage
  • Grunge

Shall we jump in?

Future Classics

Future classic is about refined styling - classic clean-cut lines, where everything works back with a blazer. Classic core colours like white, navy, cream and ochre play important roles here. 

The Breton Stripe

Oh my goodness, there is SO much Breton Stripe around, we can't get enough of this classic trend that has become a wardrobe staple. Perfect for Maxted we love a trend that comes with nostalgia and history. 

Sports Detailing

Here is where we can have a little bit of fun, play with colour or add a styling detail into our designs. Sports Detailing is all across the catwalk and feels so fresh in AW23 Knitwear Design. 

Blue and Green

My Mum always told me 'Blue and Green shouldn't be seen,' but on the contrary, this colour combination feels fresh.

It's how you style them together that makes the difference.  I love the Sandro blue check coat worn back with the green zip through knit pullover. 

Camel knitwear

Camel its everywhere! It's such a great way to elevate an outfit and always gives off an English Heritage feel. I love how different tones of Camel and ochre work together for a head to toe tonal look. 

Mohair knitwear for AW23

Yarns & stitches create the texture in knitwear and working with a hairy yarn like Mohair is so much fun. It adds another dimension to mohair knitwear styles. I often pair mohair with a plain stitch to let the yarn do all the talking.

Mohair knitwear is so versatile it works from fine gauge styles to chunky knits.

English Heritage Knitwear

It's not just me that loves English Heritage styling, it seems like everyone has gone down the garden path this season.

There is a certain edge that redefines the styling, the heavy chunky black boots and sunglasses say it all. 

Grunge Knitwear

Grunge- it's back. While the 90s and grunge are making a come back, it's not a style I typically favour. Therefore there won't be a large amount of pieces influenced by this style in our AW23 knitwear collection but I will make sure there are some black roll necks and cardigans to make our Melbournites happy.

Plus, I do love heading out for dinner in mid-winter wearing head to toe black with a red lip- tres chic!

Let the textures do the talking.