Curating the Perfect Mood Board: A Guide for Fashion Designers


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As a fashion designer, you will spend weeks collecting individual trend boards. It's essential to create a mood board to guide design decisions for the season. This board serves as a compass, representing what your brand stands for and acts as a reference point through the process.

It's your bible for the season. In our office, the chairs are constantly swivelling to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

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Here are 6 ways to help you find inspiration to get started on your mood board. 

1. Runways - Take inspiration from the latest collections

Runway inspiration for a mood board

Victoria Beckham's Resort 2024 Collection

We're not the only ones who admire Victoria Beckham's work. In one of her latest collections, she shows that she's a better fashion designer than a Spice Girl. The ensemble highlights some of our favourite trends, including cables and a modern, elevated take on neutrals. Additionally, we appreciate the recent popularity of the v-neck trend.

Miu Miu fall 2023

Mui Mui Fall 2023 Collection

A Nostalgic Collection: Obsessed with the Crew Button-Down Cardigan. While browsing through the latest fashion shows, this collection stood out from the rest, especially the striking crew button-down cardigan layered like a classic twin set.

The styling over the sheer polka dot skirt was particularly noteworthy. It's clear that the use of sheer skirts was inspired by nostalgic 90s fashion, reminiscent of Kate Moss in that iconic sheer dress. It's exciting to see all these reference points to discuss and reflect on.

2. Influencers and trends that bubble up

influencer in sleeveless knitwear

We Discovered @georginalennon1

Spotlight on a British Influencer with Relatable Style and Inspiring Tips.
We can't get enough of this influencer's style, videos, and advice. At just 5'3, she's incredibly relatable and inspirational all at once. Her knack for knit styling is particularly impressive, as she expertly models one of our key trends – the knit vest.

3. Glossy magazines

Although we purchase fewer physical magazines, we still opt for online subscriptions like Vogue UK and Grazia UK. Subscribing to these classic publications is not only enjoyable, and affordable but also a great way to show support now we receive so much free content.

Check out this key image featuring Max Mara (LOVE) and our feature Autumnal colour of the season: Saffron. Thanks to Grazia UK.
Saffron mustard colour trend in Grazia



Model on a beach wearing a striped knit

4. Campaign shots

Campaign shots offer a unique perspective on runway looks, with striking art direction that captures the viewer's attention.

This particular image features the Dior Breton Stripe Pullover, showcasing its button detailing and incorporating two of our top fashion trends. Not only is it a stunning shot, but it also aligns perfectly with our brand's coastal identity

5. Unleash Pinterest's Full Potential

Pinterest is the perfect tool for exploring the unknown and venturing down rabbit holes. If you learn to harness its power, you can discover more than you ever thought possible.

Mood images from Pinterest

This image captures a particular mood, with its fluid movements and grainy appearance reminiscent of an earlier time.

The woven skirt paired with a chunky knit creates an ensemble that feels timeless. We absolutely love the way she exudes confidence.

 Editorial photoshoot in Elle

6. Editorials

ELLE Germany September 2017 Tess Hellfeuer by Mikael Schulz

Finding this editorial has been a tremendous source of inspiration. You can view the entire shoot here. The vintage black-and-white aesthetic, the coastal scenery, and the knit stitches and layers of knitwear all come together seamlessly, creating a beautiful balance of textures and colours.


There you have it - 6 ways to find inspiration to help you build your mood board. Time to start pinning!

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