2024 Autumn Winter Knitwear Trends you need to know about


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Our blog post featuring knitwear trends for 2023 was a big hit. So, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the 2024 knitwear trends that inspired Maxted's latest Autumn Winter Collection. This is where the magic happens – a collection of images from runway shows, street-style, glossy magazines, influencer posts, and vintage archives that we're excited to share with you.

Maxted's 7th collection is centred around the connection between Australia and England, using latest trends as a starting point.

If you'd like to learn more about the inspiration for our collections, and how we utilise mood boards, click here

Where 2023 looked at future classics, sports luxe, camel, mohair, and heritage, we're pivoting as 2024 focuses on:

  • A rich colour palette
  • Cable
  • Breton stripes
  • Grey
  • Knitted vests
  • Versatile Cardigans
  • Buttoned knitwear

Delve into 2024's knitwear trends by scrolling down >>>

2024 catwalk trends

A Rich Colour Palette

Exploring the Autumnal Feel - Delving Deep into a Rich Color Palette

2024 brings a luxurious colour palette grounded in neutrals, featuring shades of pinks, greens, and brown.

2024 knitwear trend collage inspiration

Cable Knitwear

The Timeless Trend of Cable Knitwear

Cable knitwear is a classic fashion staple that has stood the test of time. However, it continues to evolve and adapt to modern trends, offering a fresh take on an old favourite. Always a Maxted staple. 

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2024 breton stripe knitwear trend

Breton Stripes

The Classic Appeal of Breton Stripes

Breton stripes have been a fashion staple for years and it's easy to see why – they instantly elevate any outfit. Incorporating Breton stripes into your wardrobe can be a signature style that never goes out of fashion. It's a must-have that transcends time and seasons.

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vintage knitwear 2024 style inspiration

Vintage Knitwear

Drawing Inspiration from the Past and Present: Our Love for Vintage Knitwear

At Maxted, we believe in learning from the past just as much as we focus on moving forward. That's why we've always found inspiration in vintage knitwear – it's like uncovering a treasure chest of ideas.

We gather inspiration from various sources, such as images and thrift shops, to fuel our creativity.

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grey knitwear 2024 inspiration

Grey Knitwear

The Colour Grey: More Than Meets the Eye

Grey isn't just a colour, it represents sophistication, elegance, and luxury. It's anything but dull - it's a lifestyle you'll crave.

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knitted vest knitwear trend in 2024

Knitted Vests

The Versatility of Knitted Vests as a Fashion Trend

Knitted vests are a popular and versatile trend that come in a variety of designs, such as cable knit, V-neck, button-down, and crew neck. They can be styled in many different ways, and there are numerous reference points to guide you in navigating this trend.

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Versatile knitwear cardigans

Versatile Cardigans

The Versatile Cardigan: A Must-Have for Every Wardrobe

While last season emphasised a single style (cropped), this year's cardigan trends include a variety of shapes, lengths, and textures. This piece is perfect for layering over any type of outfit, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

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Button detailing on 2024 knitwear

Buttoned Knitwear

The Power of a Styling Detail: Buttons

Don't underestimate the impact a simple button can have on your outfit. Adding this small detail can elevate any look.

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