Maxted's Inspiring Women Series: 8 - Jodie from Scout for Vintage


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We are flying through this year and what a year of inspiring women it has been! It's time for the next in Maxted's series of Inspiring Women and for October we're turning the focus on the incredible Jodie, owner of Scout for Vintage.
The above is a picture of Jodie repurposing a pair of vintage Wrangler jeans for Maxted's creator Caroline. 
Jodie is a formidable entrepreneur, designer and creative. She launched Scout for Vintage not just because of her love for vintage fashion, but in protest to the fast fashion industry that creates such huge waste and is one of the leading causes of climate change. Jodie aims to "adapt the habits of her consumers".
Based in Torquay's old town Jodie can be found along-side her Australian Shephard Scout. Jodie finds that recycling denim generates a new lease of life on classic pieces or she can tailor her customers' clothes to refresh them and ensure they are not thrown away. 
Jodie and her business inspire us because fashion waste and denim in particular are an incredible strain on our planet. There are more jeans on this planet than people and the manufacture of a single pair requires 10,000 litres of water. Not to mention the cotton pesticides and the carcinogenic dyes they use that have led to toxic blue rivers running through areas of China around manufacturing plants that are now visible from space. Denim waste is a scourge and a business like Jodie's offers a way to extend or repurpose the life of your jeans. 
So, for the sake of our wardrobes and our planet, Jodie is an inspiring woman very worthy of the title.


Maxted: How did you get into Denim?

Jodie: I've always had a love affair with denim but I previously worked in the Denim team at Cotton On which is where I gained my experience in manufacturing, styling and fits.

Maxted: What denim creation are you working on at the moment?

Jodie: Coming up with a new tote bag for this summer made with leftover denim off cuts.

Maxted: Where did you find the courage to open your own shop?

Jodie: I think it was more of a blind leap of faith. I tried not to overthink anything and knew that there was a great opportunity to at least try it out.

Maxted: Which women inspire you? 

Jodie: Single mums! The ultimate multitaskers, with an endless number of hats.

Maxted: When you are not working what can we find you doing?

Jodie: Imagining a lockdown free day, it would just be something as simple as catching up with friends and taking Scout to the beach.

Maxted: Where do you want to take Scout for Vintage in the future?

Jodie: I'd love to lead Scout for Vintage into a multi levelled business that sells upcycled designer denim along with the quality vintage range it already offers.

Maxted: What's your fave thing about being your own boss lady?

Jodie: Having a business that is a reflection of the crazy ideas in your head. Designing a lifestyle that you love, while doing what you love.


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