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Caroline here, I just thought I would take a quick look at some of our reviews, to give me confidence that Maxted is loved and share gratitude to those customers who kindly spend their time writing a review. 

This is about the Soft Touch Cable Pullover in Khaki and the customer did come back and get another item in the sale! Whooo hoo!

3 pieces! I hope we get to be in your wardrobe again next winter! Although you will find those knits will last for many winters to come! 

Ok, well I think you will be happy with what I have designed next year! 


If you would like to leave Maxted a review please do here. As a new brand I want to build the brand’s trust online and also hear if there is something we could do a little better?

I’m working with every review is read by myself and the team and really does have an impact. 

Thank you! x


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