Maxted's Inspiring Women Series: 6 - Podcaster; Jess Mellington


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Jess is wearing the Arabesque Soft Touch Roll Neck from the AW21 collection.


It's the second half of May and it's time for the next in Maxted's series of Inspiring Women. For this feature we're switching from a Jess that's behind the lens (see our previous post) to a Jess that's behind the microphone. 

Jess Mellington is a podcaster and PT based on the Surf Coast of Victoria. She's also a huge support for Maxted, jumping in and helping us pack our orders for customers and stockists in our warehouse. There's nothing Jess can't do and Maxted wouldn't be where it is without her support.

Jessica runs her podcast with her partner Ben Hucker - Surf Coast Creatives. Together they help connect local creatives along the Surf Coast, tell their stories, offer insight and practical tips for business and life. They've been so supportive of Maxted and here's a picture of Maxted's owner Caroline with some of the Surf Coast creatives. 

Jess and Ben from Surf Coast Creatives recording a podcast


Maxted: How long have you been podcasting?

Jess: 12 months

Maxted: What inspired you to start a podcast?

Jess: My fiancé, Ben, thought of the idea, on the way to get coffee during COVID. We'd lost our jobs and wondered if anyone was working during the lockdown. 

We knew of so many friends running small businesses and wanted to try promote their story to help out. 

Maxted: How do you come up with your topics and find your guests?

Jess: It’s all based around our own curiosity. Mainly we find guests through word of mouth and want to know more about how they got to where they are. 

Maxted: Could you tell us about some women that inspire you?

Jess: My mum and my friends are a daily source of inspiration. I surround myself with independent women who have a caring nature. Most of them work for themselves. 

Maxted: What do you love about Maxted knitwear?

Jess: I love the fun colours and the textures. There are so many beautiful styles. I have 3 sisters and we all have different styles but there would be something here for all of them.